Vintage Park’s First Men’s Retailers Coming Soon

Vintage Park is full of cute boutiques for women, pets and children. Exclusive shopping for men, however, still has plenty of opportunity to expand its retail footprint.

Vintage Park’s leasing manager Dunhill Partners announced this week that two new men’s apparel stores, The Ivy League and The Luxury Shirt Company, have signed leases to join the Vintage Park community and will hopefully be open by the end of the summer. They will be the first men’s apparel retailers within the complex.

While Vintage Park has a wide range of restaurants to satisfy any cravings, having two men’s retailers will generate a new wave of business altogether. “Noble Energy is coming in right across from the highway and oil and gas companies are primarily [employed by] men,” said Ben White, Vice President of leasing for Dunhill Partners. “It’s a good addition, because all of those people have a place to shop to get their business attire.”

Both high-end men’s apparel brands, The Luxury Shirt company will carry mostly shirts including imported European styles. The Ivy League will offer tailoring services to its customers, in addition to a full line of apparel and accessories.

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