Thrillist Names Houston One of America’s ‘Most Underrated Food Cities’

A recent article from Thrillist named Houston one of America’s seven most underrated food cities. While New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles are perpetual food industry ringers, Houston boasts one of the best up-and-coming food scenes in the nation. Other underrated cities included Detroit, Louisville and Texas’ own San Antonio.

Seth Siegel-Gardner, chef and founder of The Pass & Provisions, had this to say about Houston’s burgeoning national presence as a food industry powerhouse:

”The thing I love about Houston’s food scene is the opportunities. Most importantly, for the dining guest there’s the opportunity to experience one of the most exciting times in Houston’s food scene. The second part of that is the opportunities young up-and-coming chefs, beverage professionals and restaurateurs have.”

The article cites several “Don’t Miss” food items around the city. We would add the delicious restaurants at Vintage Park to the list, but we might be a little biased.

For more information on Vintage Park’s exquisite dining options, be sure to visit us on the web.

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