Opportunity and Growth Abound in Tomball, Magnolia

Tomball and Magnolia Continue to Grow

Big things are happening just north of Houston. The cities of Tomball and Magnolia are growing at an impressive rate.

Tomball and Magnolia combined for an 11% increase in job growth from 2008-2013. Comparitively, Houston’s growth rate for the same period was 4%.

With big-name companies such as Baker Hughes, Anadarko and ExxonMobil expanding their reach into north Houston, it’s no wonder Tomball and Magnolia are seeing such growth.

Debbie Howle, director of the North Houston Regional Center for Economic Development, said the expansion of the oil industry has led to the expansion in other sectors as well. “The strong growth of the energy industry resulted in rapid growth of [the] businesses who serve the needs of the employers, employees and residents of the region,” Howle said.

Tomball and Magnolia both have land available for expansion. Howle says that the amount of land is a big factor that will continue to attract commercial and residential development.

“Our area’s low taxes, large residential spaces and quality of life will continue to bring people [here] where they want to live, work and play,” said Tana Ross, economic development coordinator for Magnolia.

The consistent growth in the past and positive predictions for the future make development in the cities of Magnolia and Tomball something to keep an eye on.


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