New Pet Store Opening Near Vintage Park

Kriser's All-Natural Pet Food

It seems fitting the new Whole Foods Market has a neighbor moving in that also serves all-natural foods. Don’t worry about any competition, though – Whole Foods’ new neighbor caters to a more furry demographic.

Kriser’s, a Chicago-based pet store, hopes to have the same success in Houston they’ve had in Chicago, Denver and Southern California.

Kriser’s COO Ken Grouf is pleased with his new location next to Whole Foods. "People can shop there for healthy food for their families and then stop by Kriser's and get all-natural food for their pets," he said.

Kriser’s specializes in all-natural food and treats and also sells a wide variety of supplies, toys and supplements.

The Kriser’s grand opening is June 27th. This will be their second Houston location.

Learn more about the new pet store at the Kriser’s website.

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