Local Groups Launch Programs to Improve Spring/Klein

Private groups and grassroots organizations in the Spring/Klein community are launching creative programs to make improvements in unincorporated portions of Harris County Precinct 4.

According to Precinct 4 Communications Director Mark Seegers, “The county is limited in revenue streams compared to many cities.” Here’s a quick rundown of some of the projects and studies currently in the works to improve the area.

Cypress Creek Parkway

After successfully landscaping Cypress Creek Parkway’s medians through the Green Medians project in 2011, interior designer Barbara Schlattman was inspired by local youth groups to continue beautifying Spring’s roads. The new initiative, Green Sides, will give local Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts an opportunity to plant in commercial parking lots.

“Our idea for Green Sides is to reforest [FM] 1960,” said Shlattman. “[FM]1960, when I moved out here in 1973, was full of pine trees up and down the road, and through progress, many of those trees are gone. We want to create a blanket of trees above our buildings.” Once approved, the project could begin as early as January 2015 and would require no additional funding since Shlattman has already found organizations who’ve committed to donating trees.

Houston Northwest Chamber

Last fall, Houston Northwest Chamber’s Grow Northwest initiative drafted a plan to raise $5 million in five years to improve five areas in Spring/Klein. The initiative would target these areas:

  • Business retention and expansion
  • Community branding
  • Safety and security
  • Transportation and infrastructure
  • Education and workforce development

The chamber must begin by conducting a study to gather complete details on what the projects will entail. With this information, they can launch a fundraising campaign and bring the plans into fruition. Visit www.houstonnwchamber.org for more details.

Liveable Center Study

Another study currently in the works is the Livable Center Study by the Houston-Galveston Area Council and the Houston Northwest Chamber. This plan will address “…improvements to infrastructure, including sidewalks and intersections to improve pedestrian safety and access,” said Jeff Taebel, director of community and environmental planning for H-GAC. “We also want to look at development potential to revitalizing some commercial areas and at some residential that needs revitalization.”

The study will be conducted by Design Works, a research firm with offices in Houston and Austin. According to Taebel, the plan will begin in May and could be completed by November, analyzing segments from Kuykendahl Road to Ella Road and from Cypress Creek to just south of FM 1960. Click here to find out more about the Livable Center Study.

Taking the initiative to implement change makes a powerful statement to the community who has identity branding as a priority. “I think it’s tremendously important because it takes an entire community to band together to make a difference,” said Barbara Thomason, president of the Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce. “We seem to be fortunate as a community to have the kind of people who are willing to step up to do that. It does make a difference.”

Visit the Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce’s website to find out how you can contribute to these projects (or launch your own).

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