Klein ISD Argonauts Pack Their Bags for The Bahamas

This summer, Klein ISD teacher Shaena Ricks and Doerre Intermediate student Eduardo Gonzalez will be traveling to The Bahamas to study at the Cape Eleuthera Institute in Eleuthera as Argonauts for the JASON Learning Summer Educational Program.

JASON Learning is a great resource for students interested in pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). They provide students with opportunities to study those subjects more in-depth through reading assignments, hands-on lessons and online games. Their summer program allows students and educators to work side by side with engineers and scientists.

“I know that the JASON Educator Argonaut program will provide me with priceless experiences that will enrich my understanding of the world around me,” said Ricks. “I can share those experiences and growth with students who yearn for stories, pictures, relics and dreams of doing the same thing.”

Gonzalez and Ricks are in elite company as only four teachers and nine students throughout the entire country were selected to participate in this summer program. Gonzalez, an 8th grade student enthralled by the program, is able to go on this trip thanks to a grant which Chevron Corporation provided to Klein ISD. Gonzalez’ favorite subject is geology. “It’s amazing that there’s so much to learn about our very own planet,” he said.

While in The Bahamas, he and Ricks will have an opportunity to learn about marine ecology by studying everything from lionfish to aquaculture. This incredible experience will only further JASON’s mission to inspire students interested in science and engineering. Both Ricks and Gonzalez look forward to the valuable knowledge they will gain during their summer adventure.

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