Cypress Man’s Life Saved by Haircut

Haircut from wife saves man's life

There are bad haircuts and there are good haircuts, but life-saving haircuts? That’s a new one.

Stephen Novotny, executive director at Cypress Christian School, was the recipient of exactly such a haircut.

Stephen’s wife, Rachel, has given him haircuts for years. So when she noticed a mole under his ear, she knew something was different and urged her husband to see a dermatologist.

Novotny scheduled an appointment with dermatologist Paul Subrt, of Katy Westside Dermatology, who discovered melanoma. Subrt referred him to oncologist Mark Zafereo who performed surgery to remove the cancer.

“So on September 13th, that’s when they put me out, and they went in and got the cancer out and also took the lymph nodes, which happily no cancer had [spread] to them,” Novotny said.

Novotny gives a large amount of credit for getting through this experience to his wife and his two sons. “I have a wonderful, wonderful family,” he said.

“The best way I could put it is when you have cancer, and they tell you it could be very serious, the kind of cancer that can take you out rather rapidly, it made me pause and do an assessment,” Novotny said. “I guess there was a great sense of confidence and satisfaction that if I was to die, I was so grateful I had the chance to live long enough where I’d already invested in family, my wife and my children, that I believed I had given them things that were important, a knowledge of who they were and knowledge of their purpose in life and who God was. It was a really rewarding experience in a way.”

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