Wacky Mongolian Grill & BBQ

Wacky Mongolian Grill offers one of the most ancient revived traditional dining experiences. Wacky Mongolian Grill is known for its scrumptious, healthy food which you can customize and create endless traditions modified to your own liking and tastes.

Create your own entrée from an enormous selection of fresh vegetables, meats, spices, and unique sauces. Then stand back and watch our master grill-men cook your creation to perfection on the original Mongolian-grill, the center piece of the dining atmosphere. Come and visit us and discover how great of a chef you are in creating the perfect Mongolian stir fry. To quench your thirst, we have an array of your favorite drinks along with a full alcohol bar.


In the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries, the great warrior Genghis Khan and his soldiers from the grassed plateau land of Mongolia conquered many countries from China to Hungary and established one of the greatest empires the World has ever known. They were considered nomads and traveled from country to country. Legend has it that after a long day of hunting, Genghis Khan and his Mongolian warriors would pitch camp and prepare extravagant feasts. Using their swords, the warriors would prepare diced meats, combined with an array of locally found vegetables. Using their spectacular sauces spices, they grilled their creations on their up-turned metal shields over a red-hot blazing fire. Here at Wacky Mongolian Grill we simulate this type of cooking using an authentic Mongolian Grill, which has become known the world over as Mongolian Grill and Barbeque.

134 Vintage Park Blvd Houston, TX 77070

Open Daily 11am-11pm

(281) 251-3878

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