Potbelly Sandwich Works

Potbelly Sandwich Works began in 1977 as a small antique store run by a nice young couple. Despite the fast-paced, never-a-dull-moment world of antique dealing, the couple decided to bolster their business by making sandwiches for their customers. What began as a lark, turned out to be a stroke of genius. Soon, people who couldn’t care less about vintage glass doorknobs were stopping by to enjoy special sandwiches and homemade desserts in this unusual atmosphere.

As the years passed, the lines grew. Booths were added, along with ovens for toasting sandwiches to perfection, vista-coolers, napkin dispensers, hand-dipped ice cream – even live music. The little antique shop had become the full-fledged, totally unique sandwich joint that you enjoy today.

142 Vintage Park Blvd, Building A Houston, TX 77070

Mon-Sun: 11am to 9pm


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